womb magic | Reclaim your menstrual cycle

Womb Magic™

womb magic | Reclaim your menstrual cycle

Reclaim the magic of your menstrual cycle

Reclaim your menstrual cycle, reclaim your feminine power. Learn how to connect with your inner seasons and archetypes during each phase.

From our very first flow of blood, our relationship, nurture and awareness of these phases, can set the standard of how we ‘feel’ about our monthly periods.

Early societies respected the flow, its connection to lunar phases and the natural world. They ritualising bleeding as a time of rejuvenation, purification, rest, and creativity. Scientific evidence shows that our biological cycles are connected to the moon and tides, they work together and effect our physiological responses.

Womb Magic™ is aimed at helping women achieve the healthy, balanced cycle and womb they desire.

Do you regularly experience pain and discomfort, irregular bleeding, erratic mood swings, fatigue, a lack of mojo, flow and purpose in your life? It’s often a sign that your feminine energies are out of balance. Every single month, our menstrual cycle gives us an opportunity as women to connect on a deeper level, practice self-love and self-acceptance and to hone our feminine power.


This Package is for you if:

  • You are wishing to conceive naturally
  • You are struggling with fertility
  • Frequently suffering with irregular and or painful bleeds
  • You have hormonal imbalances, such as PCOS, fibroids and endometriosis
  • You are on the journey of peri-menopause or have reached menopause
  • Want to reconnect to your womb wisdom and be in harmony with your feminine cycle
  • You have recently stopped medicated contraceptives and wish to rebalance your body’s natural monthly cycle


How will this package help me?

  • Make sense of the emotional and physical shifts and changes that occur over the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle.
  • Get a better understanding of the moon cycle and its rhythms and energetic. influences with our cycle.
  • Be in harmony with your cycle rather than to be at odd with it.
  • Discover your own needs of self-care and how and when to implement it within your cycle.
  • Learn which foods nourish you.
  • Release trauma and grief held with your womb space.
  • Reconnect to your wombs energy, whether you have a womb or not.
  • Tap into the creative power your womb space holds.
  • Learn how to tune into your unique womb space through the breath, and guided visualisation.
  • With time and practise, learn to achieve a healthy love, understanding and appreciation for your menstrual cycle and womb space.
  • Learn to understand your cycle within your menopause, how we still ebb and flow even though we no longer bleed.
  • Enhance your fertility, by tuning in to your body and really listening to what she needs and tells you during your monthly cycle.


Womb Magic

Womb Magic is for all women, no matter what age, whether they have a physical womb or not, or bleed or not. It’s for women who want to gain a better understanding of their Womb Space. To explore the physical and emotional energy of their womb, connect and feel with it on a deeper level, to bring harmony and balance.

Course content:

  • An introductory video to this downloadable package
  • Four audio MP3 guided meditations,  taking your through a journey of each cyclical phase and season
  • A Womb Magic 50 page booklet,  giving you information on how to connect to your seasons and archetypes, as well as connecting to the moon phases and energies: Learn which foods to eat during each phase and which supplements to take.  Find out which crystals and essential oils to connect with during each season. Learn which keywords are associated with each season, along with some basic yoga poses that can help.
  • A Womb Magic work book, with journaling prompts to help you understand each phase and encourage self-care practices.
  • A moon dial and menstrual cycle dial for cycle tracking
  • A closed Facebook group for additional support and to connect with women living in tune with their feminine cycles
  • Unlimited email support

Bonus gift

  • A Lunar Moon Calendar for the current year