womb healing


Our womb space, whether we still have a womb or not, is the gateway to all creation. It births human life and holds the energetic power to birth all our creative projects. It is also home to the sacral chakra.

The more I learned about this magical organ, the more I realised when working with my clients how detached most women were from their wombs.  How their wombs were an inconvenience, especially if it didn’t function as it ought to. Serving painful heavy bleeds month after month, the lack of a successful pregnancy, the loss of miscarriages, or even the trauma of hysterectomies.  One of my regular ladies told me post a womb massage session, that “she had to lose her womb to reconnect to her womb to realise the power that was there

The womb is such a powerful energy centre in women and holds so much wisdom and intuition. Everything starts in the womb. Life begins in the womb and therefore, all our experiences are held within it, even before we were born, carrying genetic imprints, patterning from our mothers, and grandmothers and so on. It can hold suppressed emotions, trauma, grief, wounds from our own birth, childhood, sexual abuse, as well as energetic imprints from past lovers.

If we have a blocked sacral chakra, this manifests through general emotional instability or through feeling creatively uninspired, fearing change, feeling depressed or indulging in addiction-like behaviours. Physical manifestations of sacral chakra misalignment include sexual dysfunctions.

If she’s not able to breathe… YOU are unable to receive

A womb healing meditation works on clearing the past negative experiences and patternings, griefs and traumas, as well as restoring balance to our sacral chakra. Giving us the ability to create freely, to be clear in our emotions and expression, and create room for new partners and potential ‘birthing’ – of either a child or a project.

The positive impact of clearing and reconnecting to your womb space promotes balance harmony with your reproductive system. As well as regulating your menstruation cycle, boosting fertility, soothes the journey through menopause and honours the loss with hysterectomies or miscarriages.

I would personally recommend a series of 6 sessions, ideally weekly or fortnightly as a healing journey into your Womb.

The session is offered via Zoom, the session is approx 1 hour long, including a brief consultation, a mediative practise and follow up.

COST £30