Why I Rebranded

Rebrand from Zenses Holistic Therapies to Tania Meacher

Towards the end of 2018, as I do every year, I review how my business year has been. I look at which therapies are the most popular and whichTania Meacher - womb whisperer - formley Zenses Holistic Therapies are not so. This time I was aware how a part of Sacred Female was growing and knew that in 2019, there was going to be some more workshops and retreat options coming up.  I was discussion too with several contacts with an option of working together for the new year.

Trying to manage two websites, two lots of social media accounts was hard work and taking up too much of my time.  I knew my word for 2019 needed to be SIMPLICITY. This is how the rebrand started.


The Rebrand

Many of my new clients come from personal recommendations. Most use my name, rather than the business name of Zenses. So the natural choice was to put all that I offer under one umbrella of Tania Meacher – womb whisperer, moon mother, wise woman.

So what is a womb whisperer? It was nick name given to my by a few friends.  They knew that 66% of fertility clients who received regular fertility massage with me during 2018, went on to successfully conceive.

A Moon Mother is a title I have been given.  I attended a Moon Mother level 1 course last year with the lovely Miranda Grey.

And Wise Woman, well, I have always been a little “wise” and a little “alternative”. As well as being intrigued in ancient ways and wisdoms, so it seem like a perfect tag line.

The new domain, has had fresh new look with a web design. I kept several eye catching images from both Zenses Holistic Therapies, and Sacred Female Wisdom, so that my regular customers would feel familiar on the new domain. I tweaked my existing logo of Zenses Holistic Therapies, and added the eye catching image from Sacred Female Wisdoms web page.

With the new domain, I have included some new therapies geared up towards holding space for women in various stages of the journey of womanhood. Along with some blessings and details of future workshops and retreats. Therapies are offered for menstruation and menopause imbalances, fertility, pregnancy and postnatal care.

I am looking forward to the exciting new chapter of my own journey, as well as helping with yours.



Tania x