20 JUL 2016 Top Reflexology Benefits

Top Reflexology Benefits

20 JUL 2016 Top Reflexology Benefits

Top Reflexology Benefits


Relaxation – Reflexology can be very relaxing and great at reducing stress issues.

Stress – has been shown to be an important factor in many serious illnesses. It can also leave us tired, irritable and out to sorts.The relaxation effect of any therapy is vitally important as our bodies can only repair themselves when we stop running on adrenaline

Improve general well-being – Reflexology works to balance the whole of the body which in turn can help prevent disease.

Reduce tension – it is amazing how much tension we carry in our body,even in the feet! Reflexology is an excellent way of relieving tension in the whole body.

Strengthen the immune system – Reflexology boosts the immune systemby kick-starting the body’s own self healing techniques in order for it to be as balanced as possible.

Improve sleep – a Reflexology treatment is so relaxing which means that you may find you will sleep better. Many of my clients report having an amazing night’s sleep after a Reflexology treatment.

Diabetes – if you are a diabetic your feet may lose their sensation – regular reflexology can increase their comfort

Digestive Issues – good elimination is the backbone of good health – reflexology gently balances the systems

Respiratory Conditions – Reflexology can be amazingly effective for even chronic respiratory complaints.

Headaches/Migraines – an effective therapy for frequent headaches and migraines, reduces the severity and frequency of headaches.

Pregnancy –  Reflexology work on many of the symptoms associated with pregnancy  – Reflexology can offer your body a kick-start, helping the blood flow and warming up your feet!


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