Tips On How to Ensure Maximum Health & Nutrition For Pregnancy

Plan your menu daily, ensuring that it met your daily requirement of carbs, proteins, vitamins, healthy fats, minerals and fibre.pregnancy

Substitute sugary treats, red meats, fried and fatty foods with healthy foods like salad veggies, nuts, yogurt, milk, boiled eggs, skinned chicken and fibre rich foods.

Include enough fibre in your diet to avoid constipation. Change in hormonal levels may cause constipation, so consume plenty of cereals, whole grains and whole wheat breads.

Drinking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated is of paramount importance. Drinking fresh fruit or veggie juices is also excellent and will curb your sugar cravings.

Take extra calcium through supplements, not only for your baby’s strong teeth and bones but your owntoo because if you don’t, the baby will draw calcium from your reserves, resulting in weakening of your teeth and bones as well. Ideally you should consume around 1,500 mg of calcium daily.

Snacking on adequate carbohydrates is necessary for adequate glucose supply to your baby. Cheese, nuts, dill seeds, sunflower seeds, yogurt and hard boiled eggs are good sources of carbs.

Eat foods that are in their natural state as far as possible like whole grain cereals, whole wheat breads and fresh fruits as opposed to canned fruits.

Healthy eating and adequate exercises will keep you and your baby safe and healthy. Whenever you feel like going overboard, remind yourself that you are eating more for your baby and not an adult!


source: http://yourkidandyou.blogspot.in/2012/01/pregnancy-do-you-really-need-to-eat-for.html