power of touch

The Power Of Touch

In the UK, the British think it is seen strange to kiss, or hug others freely as a form of greeting, a handshake is often deemed to suffice, havingpower of touch been brought up very stiff upper lipped. In fact in the UK and USA “when you brush past someone in a crowded restaurant or accidentally nudge a person in a hallway or on an elevator, you say “I’m sorry” or “Pardon me” because…their private space has been violated” Yet in some cultures women and even men will frequently kiss, hug and touch one another, in a purely platonic sense, as a display of friendship, comradely and even out of respect.

I will often greet my friends and family with a hug, kiss or touch of the hand. Yet I came from a home that was not so openly affectionate. Through the years of growing up I have leant to overcome the feeling of being uncomfortable, as people invaded my personal space with close greetings. Yet still I challenge the intimate closeness that we all feel uncomfortable when some stands too close, this is currently being tested with my new found hobby of Ceroc dancing. A cross between Salsa and Jive. You have to get “close” with your dance partner because of the moves involved.

However, I have also found that the benefits of massage therapy are endless not only physically but can make a real difference to people’s lives psychologically.

Massage promotes deep relaxation is induced thereby creating a general sense of well-being. The release of tension with regular massage may help to overcome long-standing emotional problems as well as improving self-esteem. After a massage session clients report that although they feel relaxed, they often feel stimulated and alert as well as energised.

Regular massage sessions can offer a great deal of comfort to those who have been suffering for a while physically as well as emotionally especially with clients who have little physical contact in their everyday lives. After a massage session many clients feel pampered as well healthier. The importance of taking time out for you is emphasised.

The next time someone mentions that they are going for a massage don’t think of it as simply a self indulgent extravagance, because the benefits reach much further than simply some superficial pampering.


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