Early this summer, I spent a day with Tania and Meghan at the Rewilding the Feminine Retreat, held at Rainbow Lodge in Portugal.

The day was filled with love, intimacy and trust, which allowed me to open my heart to the beautiful woman around me. Surrounded with the backdrop of the beautiful Portuguese landscape of Rainbow Lodge, Tania and Meghan created an environment that left one feeling nurtured and relaxed. The day was one of sunshine dancing, letting go of internal pains, and making friendships and creating a sisterhood that left me feeling …. beautiful and appreciated.

The closing of the bone’s ceremony is a ritual and ceremony I believe all woman should share, together, after birth and well after. To have the time to go into my own sacred space, whilst knowing I was safe and surrounded by the complete and unconditional love of the woman present was an internally healing experience.

During the retreat, I had a 1 to 1 session with both Tania and Meghan. The womb massage with Tania left me in such comfort that I slipped off into my dream time whilst Tania weaved her healing magic around me. I then made my way down the hill to meet Meghan for my Personalised Movement Ritual.

For me, the Qoya was a life changer. Everything about it resonated with my heart as I danced my fears away under the bluest of Portuguese skies. I loved the fact that it only focused on the healing and future, and not delving into the past hurts, pains and pleasures of life. I was allowed to share what I needed to, but I felt that the focus was all on future health and happiness. I personally found it the most transformative healing technique that I have come across in this lifetime.

My personal experience leaves me feeling that under the gentle healing of Tania, I was secretly, or rather silently opened to allow the full healing potential of Meghan and her Qoya.

I would highly recommend all woman to share this experience with themselves and each other. I am sure each of us will experience something different but equally magical.