I loved the time I spent with both Tania and Meghan.

Meghan led us though a blissful morning of quya with so much passion and enthusiasm. Some of the practices we did I feel changed me on a really deep level, particularly the deconstructing the word exercise. WOW! So transformational!
The closing the bones ceremony with Tania was so beautiful and also powerful as I finally felt my hips and indeed my whole body, relax and feel fully supported. A feeling I have not experienced a lot since the birth of my 2 children 12 and 10 years ago.
I was also so blessed to be under the healing hands of Tania while she took me through a deep womb massage. I felt completely safe and relaxed through the whole process as she guided me gently towards releasing deep trauma from my womb space and accepting my womb finally as something sacred and to be honoured.
Time spent on a retreat with Tania and Meghan is truly life-changing.
Thank you so much! <3