welcome, I am Tania Meacher

An award-winning Fertility Holistic Practitioner, Womb Whisperer, Moon Mother, Wise Woman, & Soul Alchemy Coach. 

With an integrative approach, I support women through all phases of life. As a facilitator of healing journeys, red tents, moon lodges, and sacred circles, and an author of a blog dedicated to female empowerment and sacred sexuality, I offer guidance of both ancient and modern wisdom.

For a number of years, I have held space, supported healing, and journeyed with women from conception, through pregnancy, to birth and beyond.

My interest in “new age” cultures and traditions has grown  over the years. Whenever possible, I conduct research, read or attend further studies.

A course on Fertility Massage with Clare Blake had captured my attention personally.  As it addressed more than just fertility, but also menstruation problems and menopause, I believed it would hold the answer to my terrible monthly bleeds. My biggest surprise was the huge shift I experienced during and after completing the course, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. 

When I was 8 months pregnant with my second child, I was involved in a serious car accident. A rescue crew had to cut me free from the wreckage. I didn’t go into early labour, in fact, I was nearly two weeks late, but I ended up having an emergency c-section. My injuries left me with limited mobility, unable to get dressed or take care of my basic needs, never mind caring for  a new-born and a young child. I was then diagnosed with PND. The guilt of not bonding with my newborn son, the frustration of how much my life had been impacted by the accident, and so forth followed.


Then fast forward to May 2017: For years I suffered from horrendous monthly bleeds. I would bled excessively for several days. It wasn’t uncommon to go through a whole box of tampons and a packet of pads in one day! Quite debilitating!

During Clare’s course, I learned about our monthly cycles, the lunar calendar, the seasons, and how women’s emotions and energies change with the month. I also learned how women are often disconnected from their wombs. It never occurred to me that we store so much grief and trauma in our wombs!

Emotions, feelings, and even past sexual relationships have an impact on how our menstrual cycles work. I had a major “light bulb” moment. It all makes sense now! I now knew why my bleeding was so heavy! Slowly, my tears started flowing, then a torrent as I sobbed, releasing all the guilt I had felt from my son’s accident and from not bonding with him, the issues we had constantly fought over, it all came rushing out in waves of tears. As a result of the love and nurturing of my womb space, my periods have become lighter. This has been such a  transformation! Additionally, I now realize that by embracing my monthly bleeding, my transition to menopause will be much less stressful.

As delighted as I was to feel this way, I was also angry at the time. Why wasn’t I told this by my mother, and her grandmother, and so on down the maternal line.  Why wasn’t this taught to me at school with sex education? I wish I knew all of this before I turned 50! 

This is when the shift began. My goal was to spread this wisdom about our cyclic cycles as widely as possible.

I have extensive experience working with women during the entire lifespan, with a special focus on fertility, pregnancy, and the postpartum period, as well as supporting and holding space with women who have lost a baby and helped them to reconnect with themselves and their womb.

Integrating a holistic approach to support and nurture women’s health and well-being. In recognition that a woman’s menstrual cycle is a reflection of her overall health, I empower my clients and assist them to uncover underlying root causes affecting their health and/or fertility, and support them to take positive steps in a more vibrant life. The key to hormonal balance is reconnecting women to their innate cyclical rhythm, whether they bleed or not, whether they have a womb or not. As a result, I am able to assess the whole person and not just the symptoms, using the body’s natural capacity to heal itself, resulting in a very individualized treatment plan for you.

Women’s wisdom as a journey to healing, balance, wellness, and power fascinates and captivates me both historically and in the present day.


  • Nominated for The Life Achievement Award & the Inspirational Woman Award for the Natwest Venus Awards 2014
  • Selected as a finalist two years in a row, 2015 & 2016, for the category of the Small Business Award for Networking Mummies UK Ltd.
  • Winner of Networking Mummies UK Ltd Small Business Award 2017
  • Winner of UK Enterprise Awards – Best for Pregnancy and Post Natal Holistic Therapies – West Sussex 2017
  • Winner of Global Health & Pharma – Best Women’s Health & Wellness Specialist – England 2018
  • Winner of UK Enterprise Awards – Best Alternative Women’s Health Provider 2018 – Hampshire
  • Selected Winner of Global Excellence Awards – Best Advanced Initiative Practitioner – Havant 2019
  • Winner of Global Insight Business Awards – Best Massage Therapy Provider 2019 – United Kingdom
  • WINNER – Best Fertility Massage Therapist 2019 – South East England – Enterprise Awards hosted by SME News
  • Most Outstanding in Fertility Massage – Hampshire – Global Excellence Awards 2020. 
  • Most Outstanding Fertility Massage Therapist 2021 – South East England – 2021 Global Business Insight Awards
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