woman having a massage

5 Top Benefits Of Massage

Pain relief Massage increases blood flow to areas of your body that have decreased circulation to bring much needed fresh nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, thereby decreasing your pain.  Regular massage sessions can keep you from constantly taking medications due to the pain severity.   Improve sleep Regular massage therapy sessions can help improve …

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postnatal massage

What Is A Healing Crisis?

Sometimes after a Holistic treatment, you may feel your symptoms get worse before they get better. A healing crisis is the body’s sign of being overloaded and overwhelmed with the changes that are taking place on the road to becoming healthier. This is often due to the body suddenly recognising and eliminating toxins that otherwise had …

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Top Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

This article lays out top reasons for choosing pregnancy massage, supported by the hard facts (that is, evidence from studies and of course reviews from my lovely existing pregnancy massage clients!) Relieves muscle spasms and cramps Massage increases flexibility, enhancing the ability to carry the extra weight and relieves spasms and cramps. It also helps to reduce fatigue, and aid a …

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