Seven Self Care Tips for Neck Pain

Seven Self Care Tips for Neck Pain

Seven Self Care Tips for Neck Pain

Using massage therapy to ease cervical pain is just one part of the path towards helping clients find freedom from neck pain.Seven Self Care Tips for Neck Pain

As one of the first kinds of healthcare professionals sought for help with musculoskeletal pain, it is no surprise that massage therapists are the preferred choice for helping to relieve neck pain. A skilled massage therapist can offer great relief to those with this prevalent problem; however, the relief may be temporary or can recur. Thus, the suggestions given below are intended to give clients self care tools to prevent the reoccurrence of neck pain – or at least to assist in their pain management efforts at home.

Fortunately, most cases of neck pain are not serious. Ruling out a traumatic incident, a tumour, fracture, pressure on the spinal cord, an infection and a cardiovascular blockage, the most likely culprits of neck pain are strained muscles and osteoarthritis.

Neck muscle strain can be a result of repeated movements or maintaining sustained positions. Some examples include:

  • Poor sitting alignment while at a desk or computer.
  • Working with the shoulders forward which causes the head to tilt back.
  • Sleeping in an awkward position.
  • Sitting in a car longer than usual.
  • Looking up repeatedly – for example: painting a ceiling or star gazing.



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