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The Red Tent is an extraordinary and engrossing tale of ancient womanhood and family honour. Told in Dinah’s voice, it opens with the story of her mothers – the four wives of Jacob – each of whom embodies unique feminine traits, and concludes with Dinah’s own startling and unforgettable story of betrayal, grief and love.


Moon Time #1 in Menstruation on Amazon. Hailed as ‘life-changing’ by women around the world, Moon Time shares a fully embodied understanding of your menstrual cycle. Full of practical insight, empowering resources, creative activities and passion, this book will put you back in touch with your body’s wisdom.

Wild Power. The menstrual cycle is a vital and vitalizing system in the female body, yet our understanding of and respect for this process is both limited and distorted. Few women really know about the physiology of their cycle, and many do not see it as an integral part of their health and wellbeing, let alone as a potential guide to emotional and spiritual empowerment.


Wild Feminine offers a unique, holistic approach to reclaiming the power, spirit, and joy of the female body and to understanding its connection to creative energy flow. By restoring physical and energetic balance in the pelvic bowl, women can learn to care for themselves in a nourishing and respectful manner, heal spiritual fractures, and renew their relationship with the sacred feminine.

Rise Sister Rise is a call to arms for women to rise up, tell their truth and lead. It is a guide to co-creating a whole new archetype for women in these awakening times – a woman who does not keep herself small in order to make others feel more comfortable, a woman who knows that she is not her body weight, her sexual partners or her career. A woman who understands the true meaning of sisterhood, and that alone we are strong but together we are fierce. It is a manual for healing the insecurities, the fears and the limiting inherited patterns that stop women trusting their innate power and wisdom, and being the person they came here to be.

The Great Cosmic Mother. This classic exploration of the Goddess through time and throughout the world draws on religious, cultural, and archaeological sources to recreate the Goddess religion that is humanity’s heritage. Now, with a new introduction and full-colour artwork, this passionate and important text shows even more clearly that the religion of the Goddess – which is tires to the cycles of the women’s bodies, the seasons, the phases of the moon, and the fertility of the earth – was the original religion of all humanity.


Reaching for the Moon is Lucy H. Pearce’s bestselling guide for girls aged 9-14 as they anticipate and experience their body’s changes. A beautiful, sensitive and nurturing celebration of a girl’s transformation to womanhood.

Cosmic Cradle. Where was your soul before you were born? If your soul is immortal, did it have a “life” prior to birth? Did you choose your life and parents? Is reincarnation real? Elizabeth and Neil Carman, the authors of Cosmic Cradle, address these questions through interviews with adults and children who report pre-birth experiences (PBEs) not based on regression, hypnosis, or drugs. Instead, interviewees recall their pre-birth existence completely sober and awake.

Red Moon. Ancient menstrual wisdom for modern women For our ancestors the menstrual cycle was a source of wonderful creative, spiritual, sexual, emotional, mental and physical energies. It was a gift that empowered women to renew themselves each month, to manifest and create the world around them, to connect deeply with the land and their family, and to express deep wisdom and inspiration. This ancient female teaching is still available to us in our mythology and nursery tales. Miranda Gray introduces modern women to their unique cyclic nature and guides them in accepting and expressing a passionate and creative cycle-empowered life.


The Wisdom of Menopause has inspired more than a million women with a dramatically new vision of midlife. As Dr. Northrup has championed, the “change” is not simply a collection of physical symptoms to be “fixed,” but a mind-body revolution that brings the greatest opportunity for growth since adolescence. The choices a woman makes now from the quality of her relationships to the quality of her diet have the power to secure vibrant health and well-being for the rest of her life.

The Wise Woman Way Includes information and remedies for problems with premenopause — flooding, erratic periods, fibroids, spotting, water retention, muscle soreness — as well as menopause — hot flashes, sleeplessness, mood swings, headaches, palpitations, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and much more. Final chapters speak to post-menopausal women’s concerns: including ways to maintain heart health, prevent and reverse osteoporosis, deal with dry vaginal tissues and incontinence, ease aching joints, and maintain a healthy libido.

The soothing, wise voice of Grandmother Growth guides each woman through the book and through her own menopause metamorphosis. Ritual interludes interweave a spiritual dimension often lacking in other works.

Goddess Never Age Agelessness is all about vitality, the creative force that gives birth to new life. Vitality is our natural state. Taking all the right supplements and pills or getting the right procedure done isn’t the prescription for anti-aging. It’s ageless living that brings back a sense of vibrancy and youthfulness. Though we talk about wanting to age gracefully, the truth is that when it comes to getting older, we’re programmed to dread an inevitable decline: in our health, our looks, our sexual relationships, even the pleasure we take in living life. But as Christiane Northrup, MD, shows us in this profoundly empowering program, we have it in us to make growing older an entirely different experience for both our bodies and our souls.


Local Businesses

Daisy Foundation Daisy Birthing classes are a gentle movement programme designed to aid common pregnancy ailments such as heartburn and fluid retention, encourage baby into the best position for birth and to build muscle memory so that the movements become second nature when you go in to labour.  The classes are very much about empowering mums-to-be, making them feel positive about their upcoming labours and providing them with a ‘toolkit’ of movements and techniques to use during labour. Classes now available in the Cosham/Portsmouth area Contact Sarah: 07837 647713 Ask about the discount offer from Lazy Daisy members for Tania Meacher

Lucid Yoga Therapy My personal practice is a blend of classical Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga, and I weave all of these threads into the way I teach. I chose to call my classes ‘Lucid’ because they are clearly explained, so you’ll always know what you’re doing and understand why. ‘Lucid’ also means ‘shiny and bright’, and that’s exactly how I expect you to feel after coming to practice under my guidance.My classes and workshops are designed for you to find your individual practice within the group, and I will support you to open your heart, calm your mind, and love your body. Ask about the discount offer from Portsmouth Yoga members for Tania Meacher


Alverstoke Chiropractic A small family friendly clinic using McTimoney method of chiropractic, gentle, yet effective and suitable for all ages. Philippa comes highly recommend to help treat symptoms of SPD

Prega-Mummas YogaSmall midwife-led classes to gain inner strength & connect with your unborn baby. Promote health & restore core strength to meet the demands of motherhood Classes are in Bosham


Reach Your Goal Postnatal Whether you are newly postnatal or way beyond the baby stage, Gemma provides sessions with a basis of pelvic floor and core healing that will build your strength and progress you on to full fitness. As a Holistic Core Restore® Coach Gemma also offers specialist programs for one-to-one or small group training, providing a calm, relaxing environment which is all about You

Southsea Slings offer various services, all carefully designed to help you achieve your babywearing goals, be it carrying your first baby (or babies!) for the first time, perfecting a toddler back carry or trying something new with the wrap you’ve been using for years. The Southsea Sling Library currently includes a wide range of slings including woven wraps, stretchy wraps, mei tais, soft structured carriers, ring slings and pouches. Various venues around Portsmouth & Havant.


Dimples & Daisies Dimples and Daisies Photography and Liberty Photography are brands built on the following mission statement.
Everyone should be able to feel free and comfortable being themselves. When we invest time in a person and get to know them we allow them to show us their true nature. If we as photographers can connect with the ‘subject’ then so can the audience. A shoot with Dimples and Daisies should be liberating, exciting and a high energy experience for both parents and children. Mother’s should feel lighter after their shoot and children should feel free. In photography there are no mistakes, we are playing with light and love and nature. There is no room for negativity, judging or unkindness at a Dimples and Daisies or Liberty shoot. Women should feel free to tell us their stories if they wish to. Children should feel free to play. Dimples and Daisies Photography and Liberty Photography up most stand for freedom, play and celebrating nature. 

Qoya With Meghan Qoya is movement with meaning. Through movement, we remember our true essence as wise, wild and free. It is this remembering that opens up portals into our heart, mind, body and soul. 


The Positive Birth Movement – We are a global network of free to attend antenatal groups, linked up by social media. We connect pregnant women together to share stories, expertise and positivity about childbirth. We aim to challenge the epidemic of negativity and fear that surrounds modern birth and help change birth for the better. Join us as we meet up, link up and shake up birth! We have around 250 groups in the U.K and over 150 in the rest of the world! Local groups: Positive Birth Group Chichester, Positive Birth Group Portsmouth, Positive Birth Group Fareham & Gosport

Libby Edwards Newborn Photography an experienced newborn and baby photographer. Libby’s passion is capturing those cute little dimples and curls, long eyelashes and rosy lips, chubby rolls, fingers and toes. A member of both the International Professional Photographers Network and the Baby & Newborn Photography Association.


All Good Things we aim to bring you eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products that are better for the environment, better for your family and better for your bank balance! Plastic-free dental products, zero waste body care, reusable household cleaning, reusable menstrual pads.


The Healing Kitchen is owned by Caroline Spear, a certified GAPS Practitioner, nutritionist, homoeopath (SDSHom), Birth Doula and IPEN Placenta Remedies Specialist