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Postnatal Massage


Post natal massage helps to reconnect clients with their body after the vast physical effort of making and growing a baby, the labour and birth,

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A postnatal massage helps provides emotional and mental health support and reorients the mother to get back to her original form pre pregnancy.

During your pregnancy you may of found time to have frequent pregnancy massages, but once baby has arrived, it’s equally as important, to find time for that postnatal massage. Not only is your body recovering from childbirth, but your new job as a mum, carrying, feeding, falling asleep with your baby in strange positions, may be causing a whole new series of posture issues.

Postnatal massage is also aimed at helping the new mum overcome and recover from post-partum depression. With the arrival of a new baby it is even more important to give yourself quality “me-time.”

60 mins