Here you will find a small selection of some of the services I provide. You can choose to pre-purchase treatment sessions and give as a gift – birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, Valentines Day, or just because.

These are **virtual purchases and do not confirm a booking. You will need to book in your appointment with me directly so that I can schedule you in.

**with the exception of gift vouchers, please see this option for more detail



gift voucher
Gift Vouchers
For guaranteed gift satisfaction, let them decide
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zen mama pre natal and pregnancy
Zen Mama – Pregnancy and Post Natal
A blend of massage and reflexology to address pre and postnatal symptoms
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zen mama
Zen Mama
A relaxing blend of both massage and reflexology to ease away stress and strains, relaxing your mind, body and spirit

£50.00£400.00 Select options
Pregnancy Journey
Pregnancy Journey
Let me guide you on a beautiful pregnancy journey to connect to your growing baby inside. Soothe your anxieties, and calm your mind as we journey together to relax and connect with the soul of your baby. The session is approx 30 mins long, offered via Zoom. Purchase first then contact me for an appointment [btn text="CONTACT ME" tcolor=#FFF bcolor=#b87333 thovercolor=#FFF link="" target="_self"]        
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distant healing product image
Distant Healing
Working with the elements of nature, including crystals you will receive a 30-minute distant healing session to restore balance and harmony within. Using Zoom or WhatsApp we will connect and work with your intention. All I ask is that you commit to the time for yourself -you deserve it! Purchase first then contact  me for an appointment [btn text="CONTACT ME" tcolor=#FFF bcolor=#b87333 thovercolor=#FFF link="" target="_self"]        
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mother blessing ceremony
Mother Blessing Ceremony
A sacred celebration where women gather in circle to nurture and support  Mum-to-be. to prepare the expectant mother for her upcoming birth,
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Blissful Mama-To-Be Ritual™
A deeply relaxing aromatherapy full body massage, (including your baby bump), to soothe and ease tension, intuitive healing combined with reflexology, and a guided meditation
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Divine Sacred Mama™
Divine Sacred Mama™ Ritual
A gentle full body aromatherapy massage, (including your abdomen). Reflexology and ending with a closing of the bones ceremony and guided mediation, to honour the act of bringing a new life into the world.
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maternity reflexology
Maternity Reflexology
Maternity Reflexology is a branch of reflexology aimed specifically at women during pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period.
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