grief, trauma, baby loss, miscarriage

Pregnancy loss is still for many women a silent matter. Something that we often hide or are ashamed of. There is nothing in the world that can fill the void left behind in our souls after baby loss. How do you attempt to heal the raw edges of that hole? What do we do with all that residual energy that our body creates during a pregnancy that ends in lifelessness?

When a woman conceives, the soul of the baby begins to incarnate into her womb, and their energetic fields merge. There is a deep communion that happens in the unseen realms.  I believe the mother and spirit baby have chosen one another for this journey.  In our modern world, the loss of a child is seen as more of a procedure, than a deeply spiritual experience that needs a ceremony, and awareness for true and lasting healing.

Many of my clients have issues relating to their past experience of miscarriage, termination, stillbirth, early infant death, ectopic pregnancy, etc.  Sometimes their concern is that they have had one or more miscarriages, and are worried about never being able to carry a baby to term. Or they may have had a termination and are unsure whether they are `meant to have a baby`. Either circumstance may lead to lingering guilt or other negative health effects.



A beautiful blend of Sacred Womb massage, combining energy work, guided visualisation and intuitive healing touch. Supporting you in a deeply relaxing and healing way, that also helps you reconnection to yourself.  You are guided to nourish yourself deeply with a warm salt water bath, and to stay present to your emotions, allowing it all to be felt, released and cleansed through your post session. Sacred Womb Massage is a gentle, yet incredibly effective way to help heal women who have experienced a pregnancy loss of any kind. This includes miscarriage, termination, an unsuccessful ivf/iui, a stillbirth and any other fertility-related challenges or losses, whether recently or many years ago. We can hang onto deep-seated truama and grief for many, many years.

Offering a non-judgemental, safe and nurturing space. Allow yourself to be held physically and emotionally. Allow all the feelings and emotions that may be held in your body, to the surface. Taking the time to acknowledge your loss, as well as finding the right support during an extremely difficult time is crucial to the healing process.


New Clients

Please book a wellbeing review, including a full therapy session: the well-being review will gather details of your general and reproductive health, plus lifestyle choices, to help build up a bigger picture to tailor your care plan.

After your session, you will receive access to a wellbeing self-care pack, which includes:

  • Herbal salt bath blend
  • Information on Menstrual/moon Charting
  • Castor oil pack instructions/information
  • Yoni steaming instructions
  • The Mind, Body Connection Guide
  • Focused guided meditations
  • Self-massage instruction video


Wellbeing review, plus massage £90 ~ 2 hours, subsequently sessions are £70 ~ 90 mins.