nurturing the self day retreat

Nurturing The Self Day Retreat

At the Nurturing The Self day retreat, you will experience a profound connection with yourself and this amazing tribe of women.

Self-Care, and taking care of yourself that is required or needed isn’t selfish. Making time for yourself and your needs, putting yourself first isn’t selfish. We have been brought up in a world, where women take on the roles of carers, the nurturers, and the home-makers, with a silent expectation that women would put their lives and desires on hold, to look after others if needed. Yet when do we take time out to care for us?

You can’t pour from an empty cup

When you prioritise yourself and get your own needs met, you feel great, and can do more. You feel more valued, fulfilled, and have more time and patience for those around you. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean that you have to stop caring for others, but it does mean that you look after yourself too.

You will learn to practice sacred self-care,  a supportive practice that can nurture our body, mind, and soul. Allow yourselves to grow from within, give you confidence, allow you to shine, connect and re-balance your chakras.

We will work on personal and spiritual development, connect with your passions, journal, be creative, set boundaries, learn to practice the art of saying “no”, to respect your time, filling it with items that bring you joy.

We will hold sacred space for a Shamanic Despacho ceremony, which is a ritual of energetic exchange for healing and to align, balance and harmonise the three levels of consciousness: Yankay (the physical universe), Yachay (the spirit or wisdom centre), and Munay (the feeling or heart centre).  We will walk the labyrinth, a guided walking meditation that quiets the mind opens the heart and grounds the body.

You will end the day with tools that can help you create a monthly plan that covers the right balance of self-care, work, play, rest and creativity.

We will share and enjoy fabulous nourishing plant-based food with refreshments for lunch and throughout the day, and have plenty of opportunities to connect and share within a circle of women.


Our next date event date is: TBC