Nothing Says It Quite Like A Hug

huggingA hug is a form of physical intimacy, usually involving closing or holding the arms around the neck or waist of another person, if more than two persons are involved, this is referred to as a group hug.There are many interesting health and emotional benefits to hugging. One of the most interesting effects of the hug is its ability to lower blood pressure and heart rate. When a person is hugged their comfort level is increases.

A hug also communicates many things to many people, sometimes in association with a kiss, eye contact or other gestures; it can indicate familiarity, love, affection or friendship. If we follow social psychology, we become aware of the many benefits that result in the body and mind when we feel accepted or understood by another person. Even though a deep conversation can have these effects, sometimes a hug is a form of non verbal communication, saying things you don’t have words for, therefore creating a feeling of acceptance and compassion. Thus we become more relaxed, happier and our entire attitude tends to improve. As a direct result our heart rate becomes relaxed, and over a period of time, lower heart rates and increased time spent being happy can actually lower blood pressure and have very effective bonuses to heart health.

Another important benefit of a hug is the effect that it can on the mental state of an individual, as well as the physical. People who hug more frequently tend to be more open about their emotions and develop a greater sense of closeness and compassion to those around them. Hugging can open up mental blocks, allowing an individual to feel increased feelings of happiness and even triggering a small release of dopamine.

Hugs are not much different than Reiki or any other contact healing technique, it’s all the same, it’s all energy, healing is energy, healing is frequency. The nature of the harmonic is to create balance and raise frequency. Energy exchanges create an electromagnetic flow that can temporarily heal or at least bring someone into greater understanding about getting help.

A hug is a positive exchange of energy between two or more people. Healing is sometimes about simply having someone hold you in their arms and feeling their love, caring and compassion, a way to share both good and bad times with others. A hug can create a connection that one cannot express in words, it generally makes everyone feel good, and can make one feel safe and secure, also lifting our spirits and make us smile.

Some people are not comfortable with the physical embrace, yet a quick hug can go a long way. A hug is meant for everyone, and the nicest thing about a hug is that you usually can’t give one without getting one.


It’s wondrous what a hug can do.
A hug can cheer you when you’re blue
A hug can say, “I love you so,”
Or, “I hate to see you go.”
A hug is “Welcome back again.”
And “Great to see you! Where ‘er you been?”
A hug can soothe a small child’s pain
And bring a rainbow after rain.
The hug, there’s just no doubt about it —
We scarcely could survive without it!
A hug delights and warms and charms;
It must be why God gave us arms
Hugs are great for fathers and mothers,
Sweet for sisters, swell for brothers;
And chances are your favorite aunts
love them more than potted plants.
Kittens crave them, puppies love them,
Heads of states are not above them.
A hug can break the language barrier
And make your travel so much merrier.
No need to fret about your store of ’em;
The more you give, the more there are of ’em.
So stretch those arms without delay
And give someone a hug today!

Dean Walley, (the Messenger)