mother blessing

A Mother’s Blessing, also known as a blessingway, is a sacred celebration where women gather in a circle to nurture and support  Mum-to-be. to prepare the expectant mother for her upcoming birth, physically, mentally and emotionally. This intimate, sacred ritual is a beautiful way to honour your rite of passage into motherhood (whether it’s the first or third time).

Every woman deserves to be held by her sisters during this time! It’s an experience that will leave you feeling empowered, and deeply supported.


The Ceremony

A beautiful sacred space is set up, where Mum-to-be will be adorned, pampered, honoured and lavished with love, by the special people in your life. I want this blessing to be unique and personal to you, so we will discuss a theme, colours, music, poems, readings and any other rituals that you may want to include in your ceremony.

Some blessing suggestions:

  • Red Thread Opening Ritual – A wonderful symbol of connection.
  • Candle Ritual – Light symbolises life in so many cultures. Candles will be carved with words of sentiment, then lit and placed in a sand bowl.
  • Sacred Mandala Painting – Mum-to-be’s belly will be adorned with a sacred mandala painting, a beautiful way to honour the innate wisdom and creative power of their body.  A healing experience for those who have had a challenging pregnancy. Who feels a bit disconnected from their baby or have been struggling with accepting their body during pregnancy. Some time will be spent with Mum-to-be to get to know you, hear about their experience of pregnancy and connect with their little one. The paints are water-based, fragrance-free and completely non-toxic.
  • Pampered Mama – Mum to be will be pampered during the ceremony, her feet bathed, and her hands and shoulders massaged by the women in the circle.
  • Wishes for baby – Each guest will be asked to bring and share a heartfelt story, quote or ‘Letter to the Baby’
  • Creative practice – Each guest will be asked to bring a bead to symbolise fertility, birth or motherhood, and we will create a necklace for mama to symbolise her journey and this special day.
  • Gifts from the heart – Guest are asked to bring a small gift, either – handmade, handed down, a talisman that means something special, something meaningful to you and your relationship to mama, a gift from nature, a leaf, a feather, a shell, a stone, which we will place on the altar
  • Wreath decorating – Heartfelt gifts/letters from your guests will be formed onto a wreath, so mama can place it somewhere she can see it every day to remind her o the support from her sisters.
  • Banner decorating – Guests decorate a banner with words of sentiments on a banner which mama can then put up in the babies room.
  • Belly Masks  – is a sensual art form that honours the creation of life
  • Meditation –  A guided meditation is offered to centre and ground all the guests.
  • Floral Headdress – A headdress is made using silk or fresh flowers for mama


Mum-to-be will also receive a gift of an aromatherapy essential oil blend for labour or a post blend herbal bath from me.


Creating the perfect environment

Think about the important women in your life and who you want by your side as you celebrate your steps into childbirth and motherhood. This could include your mother, aunts, sisters, and the grandmothers, your closest girlfriends, your doula, and if it’s an option, even your midwife.

This is a celebration, so food is important. Perhaps ask your guests to each bring a gift of food, like a potluck meal. Refreshments could include herbal teas and infused fruit water.

Be mindful of the location of where you want to host this celebration. Creating the right atmosphere is key. Some suggestions for you, a midday garden party, a secluded spot on the beach, a woodland clearing (with toilets nearby of course), your own home (make sure it can fit everyone in comfortably), or even considering hiring a small space.


Booking The Mother Blessing

Once deciding you would like to celebrate your Pregnancy and upcoming Birth in this special way. Please get in touch so that we can discuss your special day. Elements that resonate with you could be incorporated to tailor the ceremony to you. I provide and organise everything needed (other than food!) and you simply provide me with a list of your circle and I’ll do the rest.

Minimum of 6 attendees, a maximum of 15


Cost: Mother Blessing Ceremony 3 hours £160

*All Mother Blessing fees include supplies. Travel Expenses/mileage will be applied outside of a 5-mile radius

**Invitations can be provided at an additional cost


You can also book a Mother Blessing for a friend! It is the most memorable and unique gift for any Mum to Be.



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