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Moon Circles are also known as Red Tents or a moon lodge, menstrual hut or dark moon meeting. This concept was brought back into mainstream popular culture by the 1997 novel The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. It was a place where women would traditionally gather each month to offer and receive support, sanctity channel wisdom, meditate and find solace in sisterhood.

It is about women meeting their own needs.  Respecting and understanding their cycles and their bodies.  Fuelling their well-being by the accepting and supportive company of women.  Allowing them to leave feeling rejuvenated and connected.

Traditionally Red Tent Circles are a sacred space aligned with the natural lunar cycles. Where women can learn to reclaim their power and light as divine and loving goddesses that they are. These monthly events enable them to align with their inner self. As well as connect with other women and the greater cycles.  They would gather at the new moon to reflect upon the lessons of their last lunar cycle, and focus and set an intention for the coming month.

Many cultures including Native Americans, Chinese and Africans had lodges or places set up specifically for a woman’s moon time. It is said that at one time in humanity’s history, all women within the community would bleed at the same time, often in time with the moon phases. Ovulation would be the full moon, and menstruation would be the new moon, the dark time. This is where ‘moon time’ comes from.

So many women in today society are so focused on getting through each day, fulfilling roles and pleasing everyone.  They often forget about themselves and who they actually are. Losing their identity, their direction, their purpose and often resulting in high anxiety levels and depression. The Red Tents are places where you don’t have to be a mother, daughter, wife, taxi driver, nursemaid, etc.  You can just be you and know that you will be loved and accepted for who you are. It’s a place to just “BE”.

Traditionally young maidens would first attend the red tent when they had their first menarche (first period). There they would learn about their fertility cycles. The effect of the lunar & seasonal cycles on women’s emotions, energy levels & psychological well-being. As well as how to balance those cycles, for greater harmony and womanhood, from the wisdom of the higher Matriarchy in the sisterhood.

All women of all ages are welcome at our moon circle meetings, no matter where you are in your life journey. Women who are in menopause time of life are needed here to make our circles whole. Women who no longer have wombs are welcome. Young women are welcome if they have begun their moon cycles.


Why Do You Need To Attend?

Do you relate to any of these questions?

  • Ask yourself what you need?
  • Will honouring your female cycle help your life, your healing journey
  • How do you think of yourself and others?
  • Do you feel stuck in your fertility journey?
  • Do you feel resentment toward your body because you are not yet pregnant?
  • Are you grieving because you can no longer bear children?
  • Are you struggling with the expectations of motherhood?
  • Are you struggling with family, work, life balance?
  • Are you struggling with the menopause?
  • Do you feel unfulfilled and frustrated?
  • Do you just need space to be you?
  • Have you lost your identity?
  • Is your creative energy feeling low?
  • Do you need to be heard?
  • Are you seeking a tribe, a community, a sisterhood?

Our Moon Circle

Our moon circles are held around the new moon phase where possible. (please check event dairy for next date and venue). A safe held space is set in place, for women to speak their truth. The focus is on ‘being heard without judgement, or being silenced.’ and are supported by the other women within the circle.

We open our circle by welcoming in all directions, creating a sacred space. Circle is time for women to share what is in their hearts. We pass our “wombie”,  that represents to us that this woman is taking her turn talk. We listen deeply to what she has to say whatever it is, without judgement, held within a circle of supportive women. It is a space to be able to check in with how you are feeling and share. No one is expected to participate or to speak. They can just enjoy the space of being held and supported. At the end of the evening, we close the circle and offer gratitude.

Come as you are, as you are enough




image credit: Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels