Embracing The Crone

The Maiden, Mother, Maga and Crone aspects of a woman’s life arc are symbolised by the waxing, full, waning and dark moons. Menopause is in the Crone (or Wise Woman) stage. The word crone, often represented by the Greek goddess, Hecate, means ‘crowned one’, ‘sovereign’, or ‘wise woman’

In Native American cultures, menopause is viewed as a passage. It is the time when women hold their greatest power, because their blood no longer flows anymore, and the “wise blood” of life is contained within. In Neolithic times, Crone women were the tribal matriarchs. Their heightened awareness of human nature yielded great insight and they were the source of wise counsel for important decisions.

Menopause doesn’t have to be a dreaded curse of ageing during which we can look forward only to hot flushes and hormonal mood swings. According to Christiane Northrup, MD (Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom), menopause often marks the beginning of a woman’s most sexually passionate, creatively inspired, and professionally productive phase of life.

So What Does Menopause Mean For You?

Each woman will achieve her menopause in her own unique way. Menopause signals a time of change and change we must. The hormonal shifts that occur at this time, can bring about powerful changes in your life. Your body can be messaging you. It’s physical symptoms, asking you to take care of your own needs first now that you are no longer needed to be the carer for your family. Women are wired up to nurture, to be the caregiver, so this can be quite challenging for some of us. 

It is a time of reaching into our depths, of using your powers of intuition and finding meaning in your life.

  • What’s really important to me and my life now?
  • Who do I want in my life?
  • What do I need to let go of?
  • What would I like to achieve in the coming years?
  • How can I nurture and look after myself more?

Menopause, The Facts

  • Perimenopause means ‘around menopause’ and refers to the time period during which a woman’s body makes its natural transition to menopause.
  • Women start perimenopause at different ages. You may notice signs such as menstrual irregularity in your 40s or even earlier.
  • The level of your oestrogen – the main female hormone – rises and falls unevenly during this time.
  • Your menstrual cycles may lengthen or shorten.
  • You may also experience menopause-like symptoms, such as hot flushes, sleep problems and vaginal dryness.
  • Once you’ve gone 12 consecutive months without a menstrual period, you’ve officially reached menopause.

how i can help you

Your body needs adequate rest. The more you can relax, the easier the transition will be for you. Research has demonstrated that the more stress in a woman’s life, the more severe her menopausal symptoms.

Allow me to ease your journey of change. let me hold space for you, support and nurture you. Address presenting symptoms, such as anxiety, hot flashes, headaches, and hormone imbalances, using a unique blend of modalities such as aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, and intuitive energy work. 

new clients

All new clients will be requested to book in for an initial well-being review session. Please book a well-being review. This will include your chosen therapy session too. During your session, details will be gathered about your general and reproductive health, plus lifestyle choices. This helps to build up a bigger picture to tailor your care plan.

After your session, you will receive access to a well-being self-care pack, via an online portal. This will contain audio’s, video’s and downloadable guides.


"What a lovely experience! From the warm welcome to the wealth of knowledge that Tania has, my reflexology left me so relaxed & I will definitely be back.." ~ Carol Kettle

recommended therapies

to assist with alleviating menopause symptoms


This gentle but effective massage technique is applied to the abdomen, womb, lower back and sacrum, which gently realigns the abdominal organs and allows them to release congestion while strengthening surrounding muscles and ligaments, which improves circulation, lymph flow, and detoxification. It also helps to release trauma and grief that is stored in our wombs. Addresses digestive, reproductive, and emotional issues

Sacred Womb massage, fertility massage, menstruation, menopause, womens health

"I felt immediately calm as I walked into the treatment room, Tania spent time discussing all aspects of the treatment and spent time finding out about me and how she could best help me. The reflexology was excellent And I left feeling very relaxed and positive." ~ Kara Todd


Providing a gentle, therapeutic acupressure way to treat your foot soles, it reduces stress and anxiety levels, allowing the body to slow and become relaxed, addressing any imbalances that may be present in your body. A person’s mind and body will be calmed and the body’s various systems, including the immune system, digestion, the nervous system and hormones, will be improved by reflexology.

fertility reflexology, menstruation, menopause, womens health


A combination of several healing techniques including Reiki, crystal healing, and reflexology, designed to relax you both physically and mentally, and also improve your health in the process. The benefits of this treatment include increasing your energy levels, stabilising your hormone levels, calming your state of mind, and reducing anxiety. All offer deep relaxation and calm as well as a sense of being grounded, positive, and well balanced.

fertility healing, menstruation, menopause, womens health

"I sought out Tania, due to some stress and anxiety issues I am suffering from. The experience was very informative and ever so relaxing. It was nice to take a moment to have someone focus on me and my needs whilst guiding with tips on self care and awareness that I shall apply in the future. Tania is a lovely woman and very professional; the environment itself is relaxing and well thought out for clients. I was utterly at ease. I will be going back for another treatment in the future for further treatment. Thank you Tania." ~ Claire Featherstone

zen mama™

An aromatherapy massage formulated especially for women,  combined with a reflexology session, for a complete de-stressing, relaxation, and revitalising treatment. While your muscles relax, your body’s hormones are balanced and your energy levels are recharged, leaving you feeling completely refreshed and invigorated.

zen mama massage, postnatal massage, swedish massage, womens health, menopause

energy healing

With energy healing, you can look beyond the physical to work with the subtle energy systems, such as meridians, auras, and chakras. Chronic emotional stress, trauma, grief, and holding onto negative or fearful beliefs block the energy flow in the body. Additionally, the energy field can be affected by broken bones, falls, surgeries, and major illnesses. Our ability to function at our full potential is compromised by these blocks. During energy healing, blockages within the energy field are cleared, the energy field is repaired and rebalanced so that the body reaches its state of equilibrium and is able to heal itself.

energy healing, womens health, relaxation, crystal healing, menopause, fertility healing

My Happy Clients!

I was really happy with the communication surrounding my booking. On arriving the room is lovely and Tania is friendly and professional. The treatment was relaxing and Tania was able to identify areas that I was struggling with. I’ve had 2 treatments so far and have a 3rd booked in. I would highly recommend Tania to anyone.
Chloe King
Tania is a wonderful massage therapist and kindly shares her wellness information . I definitely recommend a massage .
Rosemary DuBois
Lovely massage very relaxing. Very informative. lovely customer service . Treatment room was lovely and warm very professional. Can't wait to come back. Thank you !
Katie Rogers
Exceptionally relaxing treatment in beautiful surroundings, friendly & professional service
debbie laycock
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