Is Your Therapist Fully Qualified?

Are you putting yourself at risk – is your therapist fully qualified?

Are you pregnant and considering having a massage, could you be putting yourself at risk?Is-Your-Therapist

You’ve asked around, spoken to friends and colleagues, maybe even posted on a forum or a Facebook group page for recommendations. Perhaps the therapists have offered their services, but are you sure they are fully qualified to carry out the treatments on both you and your unborn baby safely?

I felt compelled to write this article after witnessing first hand how easily lead people can be by cost. I had been recommended on a post asking about pregnancy massage, by several former clients and a lady who had heard of me. Also on this post were recommendations from other ladies who were also recommending therapists they had used. There were also posts from therapists offering their services.

Whilst I am not making any claim that these therapist were not qualified, what I did want to point out was were they fully qualified with advanced training in what they were offering you? Also were they member of governing bodies as well as being fully insured to carry out these treatments on you? These governing bodies are in place to make sure therapist abide by a strict code of conduct and are expected to do regular CPD, (continued further development) courses throughout the year to advance their skills and knowledge.

Would you go and see an unqualified Midwife or Doctor? Would you want to speak to an expert in their field?

With so many therapist in the market all offering what appears to be the same thing, often clients are influenced by the price of the treatment rather than actually questioning as to what training this therapist might actually have. You could be putting both you and your unborn baby at risk!

I have been a therapist since 2008. During this time I have spent an enormous amount of time and money attending additional courses to make sure I can offer expert professional advice and a quality treatment for all my clients. My field of study has been geared up towards natural fertility, pregnancy and postnatal care in both massage and reflexology. I have even taken a diet and nutritional diploma, to safely advise my clients about their nutritional needs or diet supplements to help with fertility issues, sickness and low immune system during pregnancy and  breast feeding and health care for post-partum mum.

So are my prices expensive? Take into account the amount of training I have in my specialised field? Would you consider me to be an expert? Would you and your unborn baby feel safe in my care?  Would it help to know that the reason I have an extensive medical/diet/lifestyle questionnaire is to make sure I get the full information about your health and well-being so that I can tailor your treatments for your conditions. This can sometimes indicate that I need to do additional research and fact finding either before or after for you. Maybe getting you information about a great website that can help and offer advice, maybe recommendations to supplements and so on.

Would visibly seeing my recognised certificates and diplomas in all my studies put your mind at rest and reassure you that I am fully qualified and fully insured to carry all treatments on both you and your unborn baby safely?  Would reading testimonials from past and present clients reassure you?  Is the cheaper option the better option as it fits into your budget or is there are price on you and your unborn baby’s safety and care?

Most importantly are you asking these questions to the therapists that are being recommended to you?

“Do you want the best you can afford that is safe for you and your unborn baby?” 


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