Is There A Mind Body Link To Disease?

This question has been the subject of extensive research for many years and while the jury is still out on this with some die-hard members of the scientific community; the evidence that such a link exists seems to be overwhelming.

What Is Meant By A Metaphysical Cause Of Disease?

In a nutshell, this simply means that your mind and emotions exert control over your physical self and may cause a host of physical illnesses. We can hardly doubt this to be true when the proof is experienced by all of us on a fairly regular basis. For example, think of your reaction the last time you came up on a snake unexpectedly or were almost involved in an automobile accident because someone pulled out in front of you.

If you are like most people, either of these incidents probably caused one or more of the following reactions: your heart was racing and thudding, possibly skipping beats….your palms became sweaty….your knees felt weak….your mouth got dry….your hands began to shake….and more. All of these are common physical reactions to stress, fear, perceived danger, or other strong emotions.

So, your mind and emotions definitely exert control over your body. In fact, your mind and feelings can literally make you sick!

Let’s take a look at a classic example of a metaphysical cause of illness: Asthma. Many people suffer from asthma, which is a respiratory condition in which the bronchi of the lungs spasm and constrict breathing. Asthma is a very serious illness and may even cause death. One of the triggers of a full fledged asthma attack is emotional upset of some sort. A lot of asthmatics react to fear or other strong emotions with an attack severe enough to require medication.

Isn’t this a clear example of the mind body link and how diseases may have metaphysical causes?

Virtually every part of your entire body may fall prey to metaphysical illness. Below are some examples of the diseases and health conditions with a mind body link.

The Skeletal System

  • Cold feet: The old saying that someone has cold feet means that they are uncertain about proceeding with a plan of action or have backed out of something they had planned to do. If you suffer from chronically cold feet, it may be that you are emotionally feeling a wish or need to withdraw from or resist something such as  certain life events that are taking place or about to take place.
  • Sweaty hands: Feeling afraid, anxious or nervous. Classic physical reaction to stress, fear, anxiety.
  • Headaches: Internal conflict, discontent with your life or lifestyle, fear, feeling overwhelmed by work or other pressures.
  • Stiff neck or neck spasms: Rigidity of thinking, inflexible, won’t be swayed, refusal to see other points of view. “Stiff necked pride.”
  • Jaw pain or problems: Tension, unresolved conflict, pent-up anger or resentment, general stress.
  • Numbness, pins and needles: Evasion of feeling, afraid of emotions. It is quite common for patients who present with numbness in various parts of their bodies to be in the midst of a particularly emotional, stressful time. This numbness may be the body’s reaction to someone who doesn’t want to feel grief, pain, anger or even love.

The Respiratory Tract

  • Allergies: A reaction to people or things that someone dislikes being around. Basically a rejection of places, objects, events, people and/or animals. People may have an allergy to eggs, for example, because of some subconscious conflict or deeply buried memory revolving around an unpleasant experience associated with eggs.
  • Bronchitis: A feeling of being smothered by someone or by a situation. A need to expel some feeling that is being internalized instead of released and expressed.
  • Breathing problems: A tightness in your throat or lungs may be an expression of feeling smothered or stifled by a person or event. It may also be your body’s reaction to feelings of helplessness, guilt or anxiety and fear.

The Cardiovascular System

  • Hypertension: High blood pressure might be the body’s reaction to repressed anger, grief, an internalized reaction to stress, a feeling that one is going to “explode” from built up feelings.
  • Internal bleeding: Possibly an internalized effect of hidden sorrow or grief that a person feels they cannot reveal to others.
  • Angina: Emotional pain, something that hurts a person’s heart and causes them to feel sad, angry, distressed or afraid.
  • Stroke: Feeling “struck down” by a powerful emotion such as rage or fear.

The Gastrointestinal System

The gastrointestinal system is especially vulnerable to metaphysical illnesses and is a convincing example of the link between illness, mind and body. Here are just a few of the many gastrointestinal health problems directly linked to metaphysical causes:

  • Ulcers: Something “eating” at you, unresolved issues in your life such as a job or boss you can’t stand, an unhappy or stressful romantic relationship and so on.
  • Gall bladder problems: A feeling of bitterness, unexpressed bile and anger or hatred toward someone or toward a life situation that feels inescapable.
  • Stomach problems: A feeling that a person can’t “stomach” something—possibly a situation or an event, even a person. A repressed desire to eliminate or regurgitate something that has occurred or an emotion that is literally making someone sick and nauseous.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Commonly called IBS, this is a chronic, debilitating health condition that many people suffer from and is strongly linked to metaphysical causes. Emotional upsets often trigger a flare-up of IBS.
  • Diarrhea: Feeling upset about an event or situation, maybe a relationship, and wanting to get rid of it, expel it.
  • Constipation: Pent-up and unexpressed emotions, bottling feelings up inside, fear about being open and letting feelings show.


  • Breast Cancer: Unwilling to nurture or be nurtured, hence the breasts as maternal source of life and nourishment are involved.
  • Brain tumours: A loss of faith either in self or a loss of spiritual faith, a conflict of feelings and thoughts.
  • Testicular cancer: Fear or guilt about sexuality or expression of sexuality. Conflict of creative forces or loss of belief in creative forces.
  • Leukemia: Resentment against females, either generically or specifically. A disconnection from the feminine side.

Skin Conditions

Skin problems are another common manifestation of the mind body link and metaphysical ailments. There are many people who, when they become emotionally overwrought, develop all sorts of skin conditions.

  • Acne: Acne or skin breakouts may be an eruption of unexpressed, pent-up emotions. In some cases, it is believed that acne and skin problems might be the unexpressed longing to let the inner person break through.
  • Eczema: Very similar to above, or maybe a reaction to someone or some life event “getting under the skin” in some way. Also may result from feeling overexposed or lacking privacy of either physical or emotional self.
  • Psoriasis: Feeling unwilling to face something unpleasant, feelings of guilt or shame, feelings of inadequacy.
  • Vitiligo: Excessive pigmentation caused by feelings of inadequacy or thinking oneself ugly either inside or out.

Female Reproductive System

  • Uterus: Problems may occur due to unresolved issues concerning femininity, feelings of inadequacy pertaining to mothering, deep seated resentment of being female, and more along these lines.
  • Fibroid tumours of the uterus: Similar to above except that the tumours may be a solid, physical manifestation of repressed feelings revolving around female issues and lack of self esteem as a female.
  • Premenstrual tension: PMS. Resentment about having a menstrual period, feelings of being out of control, conflicting emotions about femininity.
  • Menstrual problems: Resentment about being female, resentment of men, conflicting emotions about sexuality, either a wish to get pregnant or a fear of becoming pregnant and more.
  • Endometriosis: Fear of becoming pregnant, insecure about parenting abilities, resentment of men, feeling unfulfilled as a woman and more
  • Infertility: Indecision about having children, fear of becoming pregnant or experiencing childbirth, feeling inadequate and unable to cope with parenting.

General Metaphysical Causes Of Disease

  • Kidney stones: Holding on to and solidifying unresolved grievances, conflicts, emotions such as grief or pain.
  • Bladder problems: Feeling unable to let go or conversely, a desire to eliminate unwanted feelings such as grief, pain, love, resentment or hatred.
  • Prostate problems: Conflicts about male sexuality, guilt about sexual desires or sexual preferences and behaviors, fear of losing masculinity, conflicting emotions about fathering children and more.
  • Tinnitus: Ringing in the ears that may be caused by an unwillingness to hear something, a reminder to listen and focus on conversations, a reminder to oneself to listen to inner voice.
  • Vertigo: A feeling of dizziness that might be caused by conflicting thoughts or ideas, fear, stress or repressed strong emotions.
  • Fatigue: Feeling tired of life, overwhelmed by emotions due to catastrophic life events or chronic lifestyle that seems hopelessly stuck in a groove that is unconducive to inner peace and contentment.
  • Anorexia: Feelings of low self esteem, unwillingness to be an active participant in life, a wish to diminish sexuality, a desire to delay adulthood.
  • Bulemia: An obsessive need to be perfect, a conflict about weight and body image, a desire to please others, a subconscious wish to make oneself smaller and less noticeable, possibly to escape abuse of some type.
  • Obesity: An attempt to comfort oneself with food because a person feels unloved or is experiencing grief, loss or a similar stress. A wish to hide, to protect oneself.
  • Stuttering: Lack of self confidence, fear of speaking out, attention seeking.

As you can see, there may be many manifestations of the mind body link and metaphysical causes for various aliments.

So, what can you do to prevent and overcome metaphysical health problems?

The first thing you should do, if you believe you are experiencing health problems due to metaphysical causes, is to listen to your body! It is trying to send you a message and it would behoove you—for the sake of your health—to listen to it.

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