Prepare for the journey of bringing life to the world by using a mind-body approach. Integrating holistic based practices with coaching, to support both natural & assisted conception

conscious conception

Conscious Conception understands that conception and fertility goes beyond the physical sperm and egg. A sacred space is created where we return to a practice of contemplation, a process of preparation and embodiment.


rite of the womb

womb wisdom

The energy of your womb is the foundation of all your creations. Wombs contain physical and energetic remnants of emotional trauma, past patterns and behaviors, affecting digestion, reproduction, and hormone production



menstruation triskelion







What my clients are saying


What a lovely, healing retreat we had with Tania and Megan. These are two very special ladies. I felt welcome and heard every step of the way. The red tent ceremony opened the weekend was so special bringing in our lineage and intentions that we carried with us all over the beautiful Rainbow lodge as we continued with the various workshops.

I really enjoyed the Qoya dancing through self-expression I managed to move a lot of emotional blockages and really connect with all ladies present. The closing of the bones ceremony with Tania was so healing and relaxing that I could have stayed there forever.

This weekend was packed full of beautiful ceremonies and workshops. We even got to walk a candlelight labyrinth.

Megan and Tania are the most generous and heartwarming ladies I’ve met in a long time, they left us with a special gift for every ceremony or workshop of which I cherish and have placed in my altar. I would recommend a retreat with these two to everyone its well worth it…..I’m still smiling.

Phillipa Wilmot

Tania is amazing. I had a wonderful relaxing treatment with her yesterday. Last night I slept so well, and today woke without my usual feeling of not enough sleep. I highly recommend regular treatment with Tania and have already booked in again. ~ Pregnancy Massage

Francesca Duke

“I had pregnancy massage and reflexology treatments. The whole experience was amazing. I didn’t have the easiest of pregnancies and the treatment i received definitely helped. The whole ambience is uber relaxing. So much so I went for a postnatal treatment and sent my darling daughter (who wasn’t sleeping very well at this time) straight to sleep. If I had to sum it up, One word…AMAZING.I would definitely recommend to my friends. I cant put into words how incredible you are as a therapist, confident and overall person. You made me feel very relaxed and that i could talk to you and open up. Wish i could come more often” ~ Zen Mama Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology

Libby Edwards

I saw Tania to help me with conceiving my first baby. She offered loads of support & useful tips to help me make the right choices for me. Trying to conceive when your friends & family don’t know can be really isolating but I found my sessions with Tania gave me the chance to talk through my concerns & hopes. I’m now 17 wks pregnant & still seeing Tania to support me through my pregnancy. I cannot recommend her highly enough! ~ Fertility Massage & Reflexology

Sadie Hughes

I first met Tania back in May when we had been trying for a baby after a year of trying and a miscarriage before that. She gave me loads of great advice and new things to try in my diet. I had reflexology and fertility massage, and I am now 14 weeks pregnant, it only took a few months to work its magic. I would highly recommend Tania, the garden room is amazing and so relaxing it was my little bit of me time and totally relaxed and distressed me. Tania is very knowledgeable in what she does and a really lovely person. I will forever be grateful for all she HAS done without her I wouldn’t be expecting our little miracle. ~ Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage Client

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the honest and professional service you provide. After years of desperation to conceive my second child, 9 months on ovulation induction medication and 2 failed attempts of IVF, I was able to conceive with your help, and I am now 20 weeks pregnant. I am forever grateful for your help. I thank God every day for the day a patient I was looking after who was also successful with your treatment and conceiveD, recommended your service. I was recommended about fertility reflexology, but after listening to all my story, you advised me to add fertility message which worked just after 4 sessions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will continue having a pregnancy message now.

Chloe King

Tania has amazing understanding and listens to me as a whole person not a series of symptoms. I feel relaxed to talk with her about my life and how daily struggles are affecting me. Tania has an amazing way of listening and then tweaking treatment to make me come away feeling soothed. I would 100% recommend her to family and friends – and in some cases I already have! ~ Reflexology

Donna Quirk Mazzotta

Had my first reflexology session with Tania this morning. I was asleep within 5 minutes but still conscious of her touch. Pressure was light but specific and Tania was able to point out her ‘findings’ which were accurate. A really relaxing treatment from a very experienced and professional therapist. I would highly recommend. ~ Reflexology


Early this summer, I spent a day with Tania and Meghan at the Rewilding the Feminine Retreat, held at Rainbow Lodge in Portugal.

The day was filled with love, intimacy and trust, which allowed me to open my heart to the beautiful woman around me. Surrounded with the backdrop of the beautiful Portuguese landscape of Rainbow Lodge, Tania and Meghan created an environment that left one feeling nurtured and relaxed. The day was one of sunshine dancing, letting go of internal pains, and making friendships and creating a sisterhood that left me feeling …. beautiful and appreciated.

The closing of the bone’s ceremony is a ritual and ceremony I believe all woman should share, together, after birth and well after. To have the time to go into my own sacred space, whilst knowing I was safe and surrounded by the complete and unconditional love of the woman present was an internally healing experience.

During the retreat, I had a 1 to 1 session with both Tania and Meghan. The womb massage with Tania left me in such comfort that I slipped off into my dream time whilst Tania weaved her healing magic around me. I then made my way down the hill to meet Meghan for my Personalised Movement Ritual.

For me, the Qoya was a life changer. Everything about it resonated with my heart as I danced my fears away under the bluest of Portuguese skies. I loved the fact that it only focused on the healing and future, and not delving into the past hurts, pains and pleasures of life. I was allowed to share what I needed to, but I felt that the focus was all on future health and happiness. I personally found it the most transformative healing technique that I have come across in this lifetime.

My personal experience leaves me feeling that under the gentle healing of Tania, I was secretly, or rather silently opened to allow the full healing potential of Meghan and her Qoya.

I would highly recommend all woman to share this experience with themselves and each other. I am sure each of us will experience something different but equally magical.

Tate Thompson

Tania supported me throughout my pregnancy emotionally and physically with her knowledge and compassion, as well as her techniques in her massage and reflexology. Throughout the treatments I was able to allow myself the time to switch off and Tania knew exactly how to do that. I suffered terribly with spd and sciatica, and in the treatment room set up and Tania’s practice I was able to get comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the treatment leaving feeling refreshed, relaxed and open minded to the rest of the day. I found monthly treatments were beneficial and by the time my next appointment was due I was definitely ready for another session of zen mama. I feel the price was extremely reasonable for the service and knowledge I received as a normal therapist would charge these rates and not be a pregnancy specialist. I would highly recommend any mum to be visits Tania whether it be a one off or a monthly booking, I can assure you after one treatment there is no way you wouldn’t return ~ Zen Mama Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology

Katie Monk

Your induction worked!!!! Charlotte arrived at 4:21 this morning weighing 8lbs 7 ounces!!!! ~ Labour Induction Reflexology

Alison Cloutman

The Zen Garden room had total calmness, it just hits you when you walk in, I started to relax as soon as I walked in. I had Reflexology and reiki with Tania to help with relaxation and reduce stress.  it really did make me feel so good inside, I felt relaxed, I had a clearer mind too. A total holistic experience ~ Reiki & Reflexology

Victoria Warrington

“The treatment room is beautiful, calming and relaxing. My treatments were heavenly. I had the Zen Mama. With a bad back and pregnant with an I.V.F. baby there was no way I was going to take any medication for my bad back, that could harm my baby. I then found Tania. With regular treatments my pregnancy went completely smooth and I found myself so relaxed afterwards. I recommend any pregnant lady to have this package. It was the one thing I looked forward too for me, and with Tania’s professional but friendly approach you cannot go wrong! As soon as I entered the therapy room I instantly felt relaxed. I need to rebook!!” ~ Zen Mama Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology

Francesca Romana Errico-Harvey

I absolutely recommend a massage with Tania at the Zen Garden. The place is nice and relaxing from the minute you walk in and you don’t quite ‘walk’ out but ‘float’ out! She is lovely and very highly skilled and professional. I had several pregnancy massages and I’m now booked in for postnatal (well needed!!) session!! I can’t wait xx ~ Pregnancy Massage

Sian Richards

The Zen Garden room is a lovely relaxing space, a hidden oasis that I hadn’t expected to find. I found My treatments (reflexology), relaxing and insightful. Calm and welcoming environment with plenty of information about what I could expect and what I could do myself to help improve my general health and well-being, definitely recommend to a friend. ~ Reflexology & Energy Healing

Ali Russell-Webb

Tania is absolutely magical! I was struggling to speak, after the treatment, as I was so blissed out. She soothed the aches in my lower back and hips and held space for me to completely relax. As always, will recommend to friends, clients and anyone who will listen. ~ Zen Mama Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology

Emily – Moon Lodge

It was an amazing night actually, I was quite anxious and unsure it would be for me at first but I was surprised at how much impact it’s had on me just from that first meeting. Counting down the days til the next one already!

I had no idea how powerful it is simply being heard,  which is so true. So thank you all.


I loved the time I spent with both Tania and Meghan.

Meghan led us though a blissful morning of quya with so much passion and enthusiasm. Some of the practices we did I feel changed me on a really deep level, particularly the deconstructing the word exercise. WOW! So transformational!
The closing the bones ceremony with Tania was so beautiful and also powerful as I finally felt my hips and indeed my whole body, relax and feel fully supported. A feeling I have not experienced a lot since the birth of my 2 children 12 and 10 years ago.
I was also so blessed to be under the healing hands of Tania while she took me through a deep womb massage. I felt completely safe and relaxed through the whole process as she guided me gently towards releasing deep trauma from my womb space and accepting my womb finally as something sacred and to be honoured.
Time spent on a retreat with Tania and Meghan is truly life-changing.
Thank you so much! <3

Sara Elkins

I’ve been seeing Tania for a while now, I attended regular Zen Mama massage and reflexology appointments throughout my pregnancy, and have continued to see her (although not as regularly as I’d like) since the baby arrived. Tania is magic, pure and simple! She instantly puts you at ease as you walk into the Zen garden and are greeted with a lovely smile, the treatment room is beautiful, a real haven. Having suffered with SPD through my pregnancy I found instant relief from the pain once Tania had worked her magic, and when I see her I am completely de-stresssed and leave feeling like I am floating. Her knowledge and experience is astounding, and I love nothing more than chatting away the time with her during my appointments. I really can not recommend Tania enough! ~ Zen Mama Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology

Ruth Reid

Incredible! Having arrived feeling very anxious about my upcoming induction Tania instantly put me at ease. I was the most comfy in her relaxation room than I have been the whole pregnancy. The massage itself was absolute bliss, and really calmed me. Tania is also very helpful when it was time to turn over/sit up (as at 38 weeks pregnant this is not easy). Massage finished with some amazing reflexology. You can tell she is extremely knowledgeable about what she is doing and 100% has your wellbeing as top priority. I also used Tania for my first pregnancy and am looking forward to another Zen Mama massage next week before babes arrives. ~ Zen Mama Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology