Heightened cleansing regimes

  • Therapy room will be cleaned in between in each client
  • Frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and couch surfaces that are touched regularly, by using appropriate cleaning products and methods: Chairs, couch, door handles, gate handle, tabletop surface, etc and all equipment
  • All linens, removed after the client and washed at a 60-degree wash
  • During the warmer summer months, the doors of the cabin will remain open during the treatment session. During the winter months, the cabin will be ventilated between each client.
  • The cabin will be ventilated fully between each session.
  • Handwashing with soap and water in place, between clients


Increased protection measures

  • Wipeable pillows are now being used
  • A face shield will be worn by myself, cleaned, and disinfected according to the manufacturer’s instructions prior to each massage
  • Soft furnished chairs have been removed from the cabin and replaced with a wipeable chair
  • The client is to provide their own water
  • Client to bring a minimum number of personal belongings to their appointment
  • All clients are required to complete a pre-screening questionnaire on the day of their appointment 
  • All client’s temperatures will be tested upon entry to the cabin
  • All clients will be requested to use hand sanitiser before and after the treatment session
  • PPE disposable equipment placed in refuse sacks, double bagged and left in the back garden for at least 72 hours before being put out for collection.
  • Disposable couch hole cover is being used per session when required
  • Tissues provided in case of coughs or sneezes
  • All high-risk clients will be requested to wear a face mask, e.g.: pregnant and elderly


Put in place distancing measures

  • 30-minute buffering between each client to carry out cleaning procedures
  • Only one person (client) per visit


Therapist responsibility

  • If I feel unwell, developed a continuous cough or a high temperature, appointments will be cancelled and rearranged after a period of isolation. I will Identify people who I have been in contact with and notify them


Communicating with patients

Clients will be informed of measures that I have taken to ensure their safety and the policies that have been put in place in the cabin

  • Via social media
  • Via website
  • Via email list
  • Via link in the confirmation email
  • Follow up email to ask clients to please let me know if they develop symptoms within 7 days of their visit.


Bathroom facilities

  • The use of my personal bathroom will not be permitted currently due to high infection rates.
  • All clients will be informed of this prior to their appointment


To read the full risk assessment see link below