5 Ways To Revitalize Your Spirit

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5 Ways To Revitalize Your Spirit

Revitalize your spirit by focusing on listening, releasing, and becoming. To revitalize your spirit, you must learn to listen to the outside environment and the inner self’s voice. It is also important to learn to release tension and judgement, but most of all the spirit is revitalized when you learn to become forgiving of the self.

Listening is a way to get in-tune with the external and internal environment. It allows you to recognize negative and positive voices that impact the spirit’s strength. Tension and judgement are toxic to the spirit. They create weight in the spirit’s natural flow. Releasing tension and judgement can lift and revitalize the spirit. Lastly, becoming forgiving is another way to revitalize the spirit. When you hold to blame and condemnation of the self and others, the spirit’s natural energy becomes weak under the pressure. Becoming forgiving of the self and of others lifts and revitalizes the spirit.


Listen To Your Environment

To revitalize your spirit, listen to your environment. Sound is a natural product of the environment. As a fetus, you listened to your mother’s heartbeat. It was constant, simple and calming. As an infant, you listened to the lullaby’s, which were simple vocal sounds used to calm and relax you. Throughout life, sounds have had an impact on how you feel and behave. To revitalize your spirit, change the sounds of your environment. When you exist in a noisy environment with multiple loud and angry sounds the spirit becomes confused, it does not know what to listen to and what to ignore. Listen to your environment and discover how the different sounds of the environment—the cars on the street, the television, the construction, the sirens—impact and oppress the spirit’s natural desire to be in a calming and healthy environment.

Did you know that in India, musical notes called ragas are played every day at certain times of the day? The ancient sounds of Indian and Hindu music are used today by gurus, healers and musicians to promote social, spiritual and emotional well-being in India. As a country, significance is placed on retaining the cultural heritage in musical healing that promotes these forms of healthy social living and human interconnectivity. The sounds are often simple, with deep drum beats and high waving flutes, used to develop the emotional connection between sound and mentality. In India, music and religion are closely related to each other, and focus strongly on the concept of spiritual oneness and healthful living.

To revitalize the spirit, try spending a day or part of the day with no sound at all, or listening to simple sounds such as Irish flute music, Indian raga, or other constant, smooth sounds like the ocean. Music such as pop music and rock may give some vitality and energy, but they are not as effective as slow, traditional and natural rhythms. Turn off the cellular phone, the house phone, the television, radio, and the computer. If possible, close the windows to prevent outside noise from interrupting as you revitalize your spirit.

Listen to Your Inner Self
Listen to your inner self and revitalize your spirit. When you feel tired, weak, and sad, your body is trying to tell you that the connection between the inner self and the physical body has been broken or weakened. The inner self is the voice of the spirit manifested in thought. This means that to revitalize the spirit, you must first learn to listen to your inner self’s voice.

To revitalize the spirit through your inner self, learn to recognize your inner self’s characteristics. There are several forms of an inner voice, and the one most people fall prey to is the ego. The ego is the inner self that draws you towards a hurried, anxious life. The ego says things like, “I have to WIN.” Yet the ego is also the inner voice that develops self worth and self value through action verbs like “I will do this,” and “I can do this.” There are two polar opposites of the inner self’s ego, one where you are pulled towards worthlessness and one where you are pulled towards value. When these ego polar opposites pull the inner self in two directions, the inner voice is strained and stressed, causing the relationship between the body and spirit to be weakened.

Find your inner self by recognizing that the inner self’s ego is the voice that can be encouraging, but it can also be discouraging. The words that are spoken by the inner self are expressions of the spirit and your personal attitude. Revitalize your spirit by recognizing when the inner self’s ego is negatively impacting your spirit and tell that negative ego to be silent. At the same time, focus on the positive aspects of the inner self’s voice.

There are many methods of learning to listen to your inner self. There is meditation, yoga, chakra, and prayer. Once you are able to listen to your inner self, you will be enlightened and in tune with your spirit, which creates inner peace and self-worth. Simply spending fifteen minutes just listening to your inner self can help you revitalize your spirit. Another method to revitalize the spirit is through automatic writing. In this method, you sit quietly and just write whatever comes to mind. Don’t worry about grammar, sentences, or even the words. This can cleanse and revitalize the spirit by giving the inner self an outlet for expression. The same thing can be said of automatic drawing or scribbling, painting, and singing. Just let the inner self be expressed through any non-harmful physical medium.

Release Tension
To revitalize your spirit, release tension. Tension can be both physical and emotional, and it occurs when two equal forces are creating demands that are stronger than the supply. This is similar to the supply and demand theory of economics, but in a spiritual sense. Imagine that everyone is asking you to be in different places at the same time. Not a far stretch if you are a mother, a career woman, a wife, and a daughter or sister. There is too much demand for you and, until cloning becomes popular, not enough supply. When there is a strong demand, it places a downward pressure on supply, causing tension that places an equal pressure on the spirit. This pressure can become toxic to the spirit if it is ignored or overlooked.

Release tension through both physical and emotional activities. Be honest with yourself about the tension causes in your life. No single person can do everything, and when you place the pressure of doing everything for everyone all the time, the spirit becomes constricted and stressed. The simplest of activities can release physical tension and revitalize the spirit. These include hugging a loved one, sitting quietly, and walking. Sometimes a nice drive to a secluded ocean beach or forest area and just screaming your head off can alleviate tension and revitalize the spirit. Emotional tension is sometimes harder to release. Emotional tension is also the most toxic to revitalizing the spirit. Often, emotional tension comes through as verbal anger. Learn to recognize when your spirit is strained and causing emotional tension. The best way to release tension and revitalize the spirit is through communication and relaxation. Talk to friends, family or a therapist about the emotional tension that is preventing you from revitalizing your spirit. Sometimes just verbally expressing tension can be a method of releasing tension and revitalizing the spirit.

Release Judgement
Release judgement to revitalize your spirit. Judgement is a negative pressure on the self and on others. It is a toxin that poisons the spirit’s natural tendency to be free. Releasing judgement on the self and others will revitalize the spirit by removing hatred and resentment that cause a toxic spirit.

To release judgement, recognize that every person is a spiritual being. You and those around you make mistakes, have hopes, and have an inner self. Sometimes judgement occurs because another person’s spirit is in conflict with yours. Teach yourself to remove judgemental statements, by not gossiping or participating in negative statements about others. Understand that releasing judgement is an internal statement of self-control and self-awareness. Know that it is not your spirit’s job to bear the burdens and judgements of the world around you. Learn to let go of hatred and resentment from actual or implied transgressions.

Become Forgiving
To become forgiving is the most vital part of revitalizing the spirit, but the first thing that you must do is forgive yourself. It does not matter what crime you have committed against the self or others, it could be something as simple as sneaking a cupcake or being verbally abusive, or just thinking that you have done something inherently wrong when you have not. It is impossible to heal and revitalize the spirit if the weight of condemnation and punishment is placing pressure on the spirit.

Secondly, you must forgive others. This is sometimes hard as the nature of survival and self-protection causes one to fear or outright despise those who have committed crimes against the spirit. Become forgiving by understanding that anger, hatred and revenge are toxins. They destroy the fundamental freedom and nature of the spirit. This does not mean that you must communicate with the person who hurt you, but it does mean that you must give yourself the right and the power to become forgiving of others.

To become forgiving and revitalize the spirit, you must also learn to be grateful. Recognize the small and large joys in life and be thankful that you can experience them. Each time there is a negative, hateful, or condemning thought, you can counteract it with a positive, loving recognition of the blessings in life. This will help remove the blameful and accusatory toxins in the spirit. When you are grateful, there is no room for anger and plenty of room to become forgiving. This is the strongest way to revitalize your spirit.

If you feel gratitude, you will be amazed at the changes in yourself, your health, your relationships, your career—your entire life. In order to revitalize the spirit, learn to listen to the environment and change the sounds in the environment that are confusing your spirit. Listen to the inner self and let it be expressive. Release the poisons of tension and judgement through communication and activity. Become forgiving of yourself and of others, as well as become grateful. Each of these small steps in life will help remove the physical, emotional, and spiritual toxins. The ultimate benefit is that you will be able to revitalize your spirit throughout your life.

Source: Life Script