woman having a massage

5 Top Benefits Of Massage

Pain relief

Massage increases blood flow to areas of your body that have decreased circulation to bring much needed fresh nutrients and woman having a massageoxygen to the muscles, thereby decreasing your pain.  Regular massage sessions can keep you from constantly taking medications due to the pain severity.


Improve sleep

Regular massage therapy sessions can help improve the quality of your sleep because it may affect the delta waves responsible for deep sleep. Insufficient sleep can lead to a world of problems such as: diabetes, obesity and depression.


Increase range of motion

Trigger point massage therapy and some stretching can help get you on your way to your full range of motion and can help with issues like frozen shoulder, restricted neck movements.  Restricted limitations in your range of motion can throw your entire body out of alignment, and prevent you from performing normal daily activities.


Manage anxiety/depression

Massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol, and also boosts the release of dopamine and serotonin levels leaving you feeling happier, more relaxed and less stressed


Boosts immunity

Regular massage increases blood and lymph flow through your entire body and helps filters out all the waste products.  Helps with chronic illnesses such as allergies, including the common cold and flu viruses.


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