24 Hour Qi Flow Cycle

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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (and other ancient healing traditions in Asia) vital energy flows through the twelve organs and TCM_Qi_Cyclecompletes one cycle every twenty-four hours.

The Chinese Organ Clock shows the circadian flow of the vital energy (Qi – pronounced “Chi”) through various organ systems in relation to the time of day. As the Qi makes its way through the meridians, each meridian in turn, with its associated organ, has a two-hour period during which it is at maximum energy. The organ has minimum energy (or lowest flow of Qi) 12 hours later.

Ever wonder why you wake up at the same time every night? You might experience weird food hankerings, energy crashes, anxiety, digestive issues etc. with uncanny regularity.

Make a note of the time and check this awesome online graphic, it may reveal a little something about what your internal organs might be up to and what those symptoms are indicative of that relate to your present physical and emotional health.


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